Virtual phone number (also called direct inward dialing, DID number)

is like a usual local phone number. It is a service to forward incoming calls. The incoming phone calls to virtual phone number are automatically forwarded to another landline or cell phone number of that city or country which the client chooses. Continent Telecom offers freecall forwarding to Skype and SIP.
Both private persons and companies can order the service. If you have no office in another city or country you'll have virtual local number there and you'll have a possibility to take incoming calls. Interlocutor will be sure that you are situated in the same city or country with subscriber who bought virtual phone number. 

Virtual phone number allows to:

- set up the phone number in any country of the world
- save money for international calls
- save the phone number after you change the address of the company
- conversation сonfidentiality
- for ad campaigns.