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Martin: What's up?

Anjela:nothing speacial, it's snowing here, its raining cats and dogs . Laughing


Anjela:What's this Talk Now?

Martin:That's cool, it's like  if you are a member of Talk Now(like us) and introduce it to your friends and they sign up for it, it gives you a gift and off for some servieces.


Anjela:Great, could you explain more?

Martin:Yes, sure .in this way,there is something which is called TN, that's your point. The more the point, the better the servieces you have.


Anjela:2questions, first: how is this TN counted? How can I increase my point?

Martin:your first question contains 2 questions.

Look Anjela, this is like if you introduce Talk Now to someone then for every person your TN is 10% of cost of the chosen plan.

For example: if your sister (Maggi)who lives in New York uses the plan 1serviece Talk Now_DID, and also your brother who lives in Germany uses plan 3, you'll have TN 14(3+11) and it is increased in this way.


Anjela:second question, imagine I have TN, which servieces are available?

Martin:for example, you can:

_ for each TN,you can use the serviece of virtual domestic number 1 more day

_ if you want to use international tellephone, you're able to change 1TN to 1$

_ you can have off on the products of Talk Now and other servieces

_ And etc.


Anjela: Awesome, that was cool, thanks for explanation, by the way Martin I missed you, when do you come to Italy?

Martin: me too, I'm too busy, I'm studying, I don't think I come soon.


Anjela: Too bad, I wish you could come and we go to celendion's concert.

Martin: Thanks, why don't you come to Malasiya? Here is Shadmehr's concert next month, you can pay less because you can use your TN for buying ticket, or even we can go to a tour for 3,4 days and pay it with your TN.


Anjela: Wow, that's fantastic, you know, I became the member of Talk Now recently and I get to know this way today.

Martin: no problem, I lend you some of my TNs and you 'll give me them later or pay the money. Laughing


Anjela: Is that possible? How?

Martin: That's simple, just give me your account's user name.

Anjela: Sure.


Martin: Oh keep in mind, after the first month, when you charge your account, they give TN as a gift 10% of the plan you have .

Anjela: Wow, I'm surprised.


Talknow make free call